Great Women Spirits

The Family Coppola hope to bring even more joy to cocktail enthusiasts everywhere by crafting a collection of spirits as unique and remarkable as the women they honor. All of our spirits are crafted in a style that reflects the individual character of these trailblazers, and are proofed with pristine water from our Napa Valley Estate.

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Maria Gaetana Agnesi was a brilliant 16th century mathematician, philosopher and theologian.

This is a five year old small batch American Brandy crafted by working with some of the most celebrated American Brandy Distillers.

The Countess Maria Walewska is one of the great symbols of purity and loyalty.

The Countess graces our super premium vodka which represents loyalty to the traditions of the finest potato vodkas from Poland.

Ada Lovelace is recognized today as the first computer programmer. We have crafted a gin that pays homage to the great English-style gins of Lady Ada Lovelace’s era, with a forward-thinking “code” of 10 botanicals, including roses and lemons from our Napa home.