Bodellicious Bites: Crab Risotto

As a chef and a fisherman, there are few times of the year that get me as excited as Dungeness crab season. Crab is one of my favorite sea creatures to fish for and to eat. As a fisherman, there is nothing quite like the anticipation of pulling up a crab trap from the ocean bottom, calculating how heavy it feels as you retrieve the line, and swinging the trap over the gunwale of your boat to finally come face to face with your catch.

Dine with Diamond: Italia Coppola’s Braciole with Diamond Collection Red Blend

No rules apply. The sky’s the limit with our Diamond Collection Red Blend. We typically blend a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Syrah, and Merlot – or other red varietals that stand out in the vintage – to create the most distinctive wine we can. Our Red Blend is dark and luscious, making it a worthy partner to Italia Coppola’s Braciole with Rich Tomato Sauce.

Dine with Diamond: Chicken Piccata Alla Carmine with Diamond Collection Chardonnay

Using fruit that hails from Monterey County, Diamond Collection Chardonnay is crafted in an elegant, well-balanced style that results from a split fermentation technique where half of the wine is fermented in French oak and put through malolactic fermentation and the other half is finished in stainless steel to preserve a good measure of natural acidity to pair better with food.

Dine with Diamond: Hunter Style Chicken Cacciatore with Diamond Collection Cabernet Sauvignon

Francis’s father Carmine was famous for his Chicken Cacciatore. Not only does his recipe boast the traditional flavors of mushrooms and bell peppers, it’s simmered in red wine, which is why it pairs very well with our Cabernet, a hearty red with intriguing spice notes, luscious dark fruits, velvety tannins, and smoky oak nuances.

Dine with Diamond: Lasagna with Meat Sauce with Diamond Collection Merlot

Good living is all about sitting down with friends and loved ones to enjoy your favorite wine with a delicious meal. The Diamond Collection offers multiple varietals crafted to express character, complexity, and multi-layered flavors that enhance your cuisine.

Dine with Diamond: Italia Coppola’s Cross Rib Roast with Diamond Collection Claret

Its fragrant spices, toasted oak, and alluring flavors of cherries, blackberries, and cassis create a classic pairing with Italia Coppola’s Cross Rib Roast, a hearty cut of beef slow cooked with red wine, garlic, and potatoes.