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10 December 1815 – 27 November 1852

Daughter of Lord Byron and protégé of Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace was a woman of fierce originality and intellectual interests. She is recognized today as the first computer programmer. Born in London in 1815, she studied math and science at the insistence of her mother, despite the common knowledge that these subjects were too rigorous for girls.

We have crafted a gin that pays homage to the great English-style gins of Lady Ada Lovelace’s era, with a forward-thinking Code of 10 Botanicals, some of which may be found at our wine estates in Napa and Sonoma, along with pure spring water from our Napa estate. It is a gin that is inspired by the innovators of the past, present, and future.


The Botanicals

Crafted with a Code of 10 Botanicals, our Master Distiller describes our gin as “an Orchestra where every botanical has their voice, but none scream out for attention.” Utilizing rose petals and lemon peel from the Coppola Family Estate in Napa, we bring both flavor and heritage to this handcrafted gin.

Meyer Lemons from our estate lemon trees. An ode to one of the family’s own impressive women, the lemon peels honor Eleanor Coppola’s annual tradition of making delicious estate marmalade.

Rose Petals from the many rose gardens on the property.

Italian Blue Juniper tend to be less piney and more floral. This variety is reminiscent of the wild growing Juniper bushes found on Coppola family property in the Italian countryside.

Production Process

Born in Northern California, but steeped in the tradition of Ada’s England, this gin honors the botanical bill of a London dry while following Ada’s lead as a revolutionary in her field, a pusher of boundaries.

Created with a dry martini in mind, Lovelace Gin incorporates both old and new world botanicals and distillation techniques to produce a uniquely Californian gin.

Distilled in a custom designed copper pot still, using varying maceration methods as well as botanical basket extraction, Lovelace Gin is masterfully balanced through the ancient craft of distillation and blending.

Making Of Step 1
Making Of Step 2
Spirit Label

Decoding the Lovelace label

  1. Ada Lovelace. Born in 1815 and died at the age of 36 in 1852. The computer language Ada, created on behalf of the United States Department of Defense, was named after her.
  2. Some of the many gears and mechanics of the early calculating machine.
  3. “Countress of Numbers”: (The nickname we’ve given her.)
  4. Crafted with a Code of 10 Botanicals, some of which are sourced from our Napa estate and further proofed with our Napa spring water.
  5. Babbage’s marvelous Analytical Engine, the first design for a real computer from 1837.
  6. Taken from one of the many letters that she & Babbage would courier to one another when trying to “crack the code.”
  7. The Code which is recognised as the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine.
  8. An English-style, small batch Californian gin honoring the world’s first computer programmer.

Our water is special in so many ways

Our gin is proofed with Napa Valley spring water from the Coppola family’s estate at Inglenook. Our water contains low levels of dissolved solids that contain minerals that add character and mouthfeel to our finished spirits. Located at the base of the extinct Mount St. John volcano, the water is naturally filtered through lava rock high in carbon, a natural and efficient filter.

Tasting Notes

Classic London dry feel with balanced aromas of Italian juniper berries, lavender, summer roses, ripe tangerines and Meyer citrus blossoms.

Full-bodied on entry, mid-palate Turkish delight sweets, orris root and candied ginger finish, balancing floral aromas with earthly Rutherford dust base.