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Meet Countess Walewska

7 December 1786 – 11 December 1817

The Countess Maria Walewska is one of history’s great symbols of purity and loyalty. Known for her beauty and intellect, she was a fervent Polish patriot and influential during her era as she had the ear of Napoleon. The invincible Emperor’s most hard-won battle of seduction finally became his mistress, loyal to him through his decline and final exile.

The Countess graces our vodka, which represents loyalty to the traditions of the finest potato vodkas from Poland, and its purity comes from spring water sourced from our estate in Napa. The combination of these two elements creates a purely intriguing vodka to savor on its own or create influential cocktails.


Why Potatoes

Poland was the birthplace of potato vodka and the homeland of the Countess. Though most vodka throughout today’s world starts in grain fields, the traditional potato vodka associated with Poland was first produced around the turn of the 19th century, the very time that Napoleon initially encountered the Countess as he triumphantly rode into the Warsaw suburb of Blonie in 1806.

It takes over 9 pounds of potatoes to make one bottle of our vodka. It is an expensive undertaking. Less than 3% of the vodkas in the world are potato based, and we think that makes ours pretty special.

From the Soil of Idaho, to the Coast of California, to the Glass in Your Hand

This is a traditional potato vodka with a hint of New World style, flavor, and composition.

9 pounds of potatoes in each bottle. Inspired by the Countess’s Poland, nurtured in the soil of Idaho, coaxed from its mash in a large, four-column still, perfected in the custom copper pot stills of California, filtered through charcoal to marry and smooth the experience, and proofed with Napa Valley spring water.

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Our water is special in so many ways

Our vodka is proofed with Napa Valley spring water from the Coppola family’s estate at Inglenook. Our water contains low levels of dissolved solids that contain minerals that add character and mouthfeel to our finished spirits. Located at the base of the extinct Mount St. John volcano, the water is naturally filtered through lava rock high in carbon, a natural and efficient filter.

Tasting Notes

Neutrality is at the core of any vodka, but all fine vodka has its own personality. Maria Walewska was far from neutral, a strong and biased patriot. Our vodka has a lot of character.

Slightly sweet cocoa on the nose with a hint of brine and pepper. Clean and neutral but retains its own personality.

Starts with a subtle but sweet honey note with a noticeable creaminess, a signature of fine potato vodka. The sweetness is accentuated by a faint ocean air brine and black pepper, finishing with a smooth touch of oil and honey viscosity that lingers but does not overstay its welcome.