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I think that we can all agree that sometimes life gets crazy and even finding the time to put dinner on the table feels overwhelming. You know the feeling - after a long day at work, hours in traffic and a half-hearted attempt at “sweating it out” at the gym, the last thing you want to worry about is figuring out what to eat.  Well, I’m happy to say that we live in a world where Home Chef exists and happily assists in getting rid of the weekday dinner blues. It was an especially hectic week when our first Home Chef box appeared on our doorstep and so I was truly happy to see it and try it out for myself.  

There are a lot of recipe categories when you order - from carnivorous to vegetarian to gluten free -  so there’s something for everyone. 

For just about $60, you get three meals. Our meals were an Italian Farro bowl with parmesan, broccoli and pine nuts, Ponzu Noodles and Green Beans, and a Parmesan Crusted Salmon with arugula salad. 

What’s very cool and sets Home Chef apart from a lot of other meal delivery services is that you can not only incorporate your dietary needs, but you can also add on smoothie ingredients, quick lunches and fresh fruit for the week, truly making any visit to the grocery store unnecessary.

I personally loved the variety of the meals, and just how easy they were. The steps are laid out very simply and each meal took no more than twenty-ish minutes to make. They were light, but filling and the farro gave us enough for a lunch the next day!

The only dish we modified were the Ponzu noodles - I had a piece of cod in the fridge that needed to be cooked and so we broiled and added that. Additionally, we added a little extra Sriracha for an extra kick. The green onions and smoked almonds Home Chef included as mix ins to the noodles really added the perfect mix of freshness and smokiness to finish off the dish. Just delightful.

(love the little vessels everything comes in - easy to wash and reuse to bring dressing for your salad at work, etc.)

My personal favorite recipe of the week was the parmesan crusted salmon witharugula salad. It had just the right amount of richness, acidity and sweetness to make it a healthy, yet comforting meal after a long day. 

(Don’t worry, the sneaky pup at the end of the table got a little taste too!)

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