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Northern California Fires – Community Relief

Our thoughts continue to be with everyone during this exceptionally difficult time. It’s hard to believe that what started more than a week ago, in the late evening hours one Sunday night in Northern California, is still affecting us drastically. We’re so grateful for the heroic efforts of all of the first responders that have come to save our wineries, homes, businesses, vineyards and so much more. As the days progress, we’re hopeful that CalFire is able to continue increasing the fire containment (most are well over 50% contained as of this writing) and we cling to this good news as a glimmer of hope in all this devastation. Thank you to everyone for the support and well wishes during this last week. We are incredibly grateful. 

Ways to Help
As we navigate away from these catastrophic times and into better days ahead, many fellow employees, customers, distributors, neighbors, family and more have been asking how they can help. My heart is heavy to report that many employees have lost homes in this horrific tragedy. Many of these employees have young families, many are far from their families and need support. Regardless of their unique situation, they all need help. To aid in their recovery during this tragic situation, please find some of their GoFundMe links for anyone interested in donating. Please join us in our fundraising efforts. Thank you very much for your generosity and support!

Joey Peterson – Rustic 

Sean Parsons – IT

Tim Bodell – Rustic

Farrah Gwin – People Operations

Stefanie Indart – People Operations

Nick Caughie – Maintenance

Melissa Cooper – Rustic

Vanessa Bacon – Rustic

Michelle Gillies – Administrative, winemaking

Sara Ramirez - Bottling

Community Relief Funds - The spirit of community in wine country is strong, but our home communities will need help rebuilding. We’d like to pinpoint three funds that will help in recovery efforts: The Sonoma County Resilience Fund, The Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund, and the Disaster Fund for Mendocino County. You can make donations by clicking on the links below. 

Napa Valley Community Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund 

Community Foundation of Sonoma County’s Resilience Fund

Disaster Fund for Mendocino County

Thank you again to everyone for your encouragement during this unprecedented and turbulent time; it’s greatly appreciated. Our community is home to so many incredibly strong, resilient people. With your support, we will come back stronger than ever!


Steve Spadarotto
President, Chief Executive Officer
The Family Coppola