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In Pursuit of Passion: Jen Cooper

As social media has infiltrated our everyday lives over the past ten years, Instagram has become many things to its users. It’s often described as a place where comparison runs rampant and insecurity flourishes.

In Pursuit of Passion: Amie and Jolie Sikes of the Junk Gypsy Company

For most of the year, the sleepy, rural community of Round Top, Texas is home to 90 residents, a dot on the map halfway between Houston and Austin. But during the legendary bi-annual Texas Antiques Week, 100,000 people and 2,500 vendors cram into every field, barn, and dance hall in the tiny Texas town for a raucous spree of “junk therapy.”

In Pursuit of Passion: Kate T. Parker

Few coffee table books can sustain a reader’s interest for the duration of a cross country flight. Then again, Strong is the New Pretty isn’t your average coffee table book. On a recent flight from Los Angeles to Boston, I found myself captivated for hours by the striking photography and charmed by the brave and vulnerable quotes from the girls featured on each page.

In Pursuit of Passion - Eleanor Coppola

The surname “Coppola” has, over the past five decades, become associated with legendary American filmmaking. In Hollywood, the Coppola family name is uttered with certain reverence by those working in the film industry. In all, five generations of the Coppola family have thus far been involved in aspects of filmmaking, from acting to directing to composing music for films, creating a monolithic presence in the crowded Hollywood environment.

In Pursuit of Passion - Jennifer Snyder

The pursuit of passions, creativity, and curiosity has been a driving force for Jennifer E. Snyder throughout her life and her career - a listen to one episode of her popular podcast, Creating Your Own Path, will make that clear. With over 100 episodes in the archives, Snyder is a podcasting veteran, but she’s not one to be satisfied with the status quo and her drive to serve as a catalyst for lively and thought-provoking conversation is evident in both the podcast and in her book, 100 Days of Discussion

In Pursuit of Passion - Emily Jeffords

As an artist, Emily Jeffords produces her signature stunning landscapes, which evoke a powerful sense of calm and serenity. As a wife and mother, Jeffords is thoughtful, compassionate, and dedicated to nurturing her family’s needs and wants. In person, Jeffords is lively, light-hearted, and quick to magnanimously point out the achievements of others. In her writing, however, you begin to see the fullest picture of Jeffords emerge.

In Pursuit of Passion – Sarah Pike of Tops’l Farm

Sarah Pike is the kind of woman who seems like a long-lost friend, even when you’ve never met, even over email. Her can-do attitude, cheerful enthusiasm, and refreshing humility further endear her to friends, family, and new acquaintances alike.

In Pursuit of Passion - Bridget Sprague of Hell Yeah Projects

Her years spent in the brand strategy trenches had given Bridget the gift of skilled listening. Using this tool, she turned her attention to her truest passion: leading those who yearn for something bigger/better/more.

In Pursuit of Passion - Anne Weil of Flax & Twine

Anne Weil has every right to be too busy for interviews. With a steady stream of projects featured on Martha Stewart, Apartment Therapy, Huffington Post, Molly Makes, Sweet Paul magazine, and more, a thriving blog, a best-selling book, not to mention the hop-scotching across the country she does teaching classes, Anne has precious little time to chit chat. When you see her work, in some ways it’s so perfect, so impossibly chic and modern, that you expect her to be remote and reserved. But there isn’t much about Anne that follows expectation.