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Server - Café Zoetrope

Location: San Francisco, California

Job Summary:

To serve food and beverage to customers with excellent service to all guests.  Maintain a clean, friendly environment for employees and guests to enjoy.


Reasonable Accommodations Statement: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Reasonable Accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Food Service: (50%)
  • Greet all guests and take their orders
  • Knowledgeable of the menu and wines
  • Recommend the specials of the day
  • Recommend wine and pairings
  • Assist bussers with the accurate and timely delivery of food
  • Clears and reset tables at the proper times during each course
  • Open and serve beverages
  • Fill water and non-alcoholic beverages in a timely manner
  • Present guest checks and process payments through the POS system
  • Adhere to all Health and Safety code standards
  • Abide by state liquor service standards, particularly prohibiting service to minors or intoxicated persons
  • Promote the FC Winery and up sell Coppola wines and products
  • Dress appropriately in uniform for shifts


  1. Preparation: (25%)
  • Prepared and stock the silverware
  • Refill oil and vinegar bottles
  • Stock supplies as needed in the dining room
  • Stock glassware
  • Reset tables after each guest completes their meal
  • Assist in taking inventories of silverware and glassware
  • Report stock inventory shortages to supervisor
  • Make recommendations regarding replacement of equipment


  1. Closing: (25%)
  • Declare tips accurately
  • Close out all the tables on the Dinerware system
  • Print the cash-out report
  • Place credit card and cash from customers in the cash-out envelope and ensure these items total and balance accurately to the cash-out report
  • Take the dirty linen down stairs
  • Wipe the tables
  • Empty the oil/vinegar bottles and put them to wash
  • Prepared the restock wine list for next day opening
  • Check menus for cleanliness, replace if soiled


Supervisory Responsibilities: N/A


Job Requirements:


  • High school diploma or general education degree
  • Three to six months of prior server or busser experience and/or training
  • Ability to read and clearly communicate in English


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:  

  • Ability to read and clearly communicate in English
  • Knowledge of food and wine helpful
  • Adaptability - Ability to adapt to change in the workplace
  • Autonomy - Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Communication, Oral - Ability to communicate effectively with others using the spoken word
  • Customer Oriented - Ability to take care of the customers’ needs while following company procedures
  • Energetic - Ability to work at a sustained pace and produce quality work
  • Enthusiastic - Ability to bring energy to the performance of a task
  • Friendly - Ability to exhibit a cheerful demeanor toward others
  • Initiative - Ability to make decisions or take actions to solve a problem or reach a goal
  • Interpersonal - Ability to get along well with a variety of personalities and individuals
  • Organized - Possessing the trait of being organized or following a systematic method of performing a task
  • Patience - Ability to act calmly under stress and strain, and of not being hasty or impetuous
  • Relationship Building - Ability to effectively build relationships with customers and co-workers
  • Reliability - The trait of being dependable and trustworthy
  • Resilient - Ability to recover from, or adjust to, misfortune or setbacks
  • Responsible - Ability to be held accountable or answerable for one’s conduct
  • Safety Awareness - Ability to identify and correct conditions that affect employee safety
  • Tactful - Ability to show consideration for and maintain good relations with others
  • Working Under Pressure - Ability to complete assigned tasks under stressful situations


Physical Demands:

N (Not Applicable) - Activity is not applicable to this occupation

O (Occasionally) - Occupation requires this activity up to 33% of the time (0-2.5+hrs/day)

F (Frequently) - Occupation requires this activity from 33% - 66% of the time (2.5-5.5+ hrs/day)

C(Constantly) - Occupation requires this activity more than 66% of the time (5.5+ hrs/day)


Stand – C, Walk – C, Sit – O, Handling/Fingering – O, Reaching Outward – O, Reaching Above Shoulder – N, Climb – F, Crawl – N, Squat or Kneel –N, Bend – N, Working at the computer - N



10 lbs or Less, F

11 – 20 lbs, F

21 – 50 lbs, C

51 – 100 lbs, N

Over 100 lbs, N



12 lbs or Less, O

13-25 lbs, N

26-40 lbs, N

41-100 lbs, N


Other Physical Requirements

  • Ability to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE ) Must wear non-slip footwear


Work Environment: Restaurant:

  • Handling glass, exposed to hot water or liquids, steam, compressed gas cylinder; stairs



  • Ability to work weekends, weeknights and some holidays as required
  • Knowledgeable of safe food handling and preparation procedures
  • Requires CA Food Handler Card or ServSafe Certified; TIPS Certification
  • POS system knowledge


Safety Statement

All employees shall follow safe practices according to the Injury and Illness Prevention Policy (IIPP), render every possible aid to safe operations, and report all unsafe conditions or practices immediately to any management employee or Human Resources.
Posted: November 09, 2019

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