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Forklift/Bottling Warehouse Associate

Location: Geyserville, California


Job Summary:


Responsible for movement of raw materials, receivables, finished goods, shipping and inventory accounting and administration. Warehousing of bottling materials, loading and unloading of trucks and tracking shipping of goods to outside venders and other TFC properties


Other duties include, rework, Wine Family Pack Out, regular housekeeping, and other department duties as assigned, ensuring daily bottling schedule is achieved while maintaining a focus on safety, quality and efficiency.


Reasonable Accommodations Statement:

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Safety Statement

All employees shall follow safe practices according to the injury and illness Prevention Policy (IIPP), render every possible aid to safe operations, and report all unsafe conditions or practices immediately to any management employee or Human Resources.


Associate must be able to complete onsite training for a VDW certified Forklift Driver, and follows all safety procedures and guidelines, maintaining a priority for safe forklift operation.



Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 


  • Follows standard operating procedures in the performance of (understanding of and ability to operate) forklift, recycling machines and other activities associated with bottling support operations to ensure maximum productivity and wine quality objectives are achieved while maintaining a safe environment.
  • Performs regular equipment checks and generates required daily forklift maintenance records.
  • Able to receive deliveries and load outgoing trucks, including but not limited to materials for restaurant, cellar, winemaking and bottling operations, checking receivable amounts against BOL’s, and inspecting for damage.
  • Preparing BOL’s for outgoing goods, ordering trucking, verifying accuracy of orders and recording or filing paperwork as required. 
  • Work with bottling, packaging team, and QA as necessary to maintain proper inventory levels as directed by the bottling schedule, keeping an accurate daily supply for the bottling line and stock up to 1 week in advance.  Checking glass, cork, foil, label, and other supplies as necessary.  Able to pull samples for QA as needed.  Document material usage as appropriate and keep the packaging team updated on total inventory.
  • Tracks inventory levels of consumable bottling supplies such as case sealer glue, case print labels, case print ribbons, stretch wrap, and cleaning supplies and reports to supervisor for timely reordering.
  • Supply empty glass to the bottling line in a timely fashion
  • Remove finished cases from the line, keeping an accurate tally, wrapping pallets, and successfully stacking inventory in an orderly fashion.
  • Maintain the recycling materials containers including compactors for both plastic and cardboard and maintain the glass recycling station.  Separate damaged pallets from good pallets for reuse and recycling. 
  • Understands QA protocols regarding all items on hold, such as glass, foils, labels and finished wine.  Monitor consumables for rework projects and record numbers of product incoming and outgoing.
  • Carries out and ensures proper sanitation techniques for cleaning the warehouse area, case goods storage, empty case supply, materials supply and bottling glass loading and palletizing station. 
  • Work effectively and openly communicate with peers as a team to support production goals, including Q/A, and supervisors, and effectively support the bottling line.
  • Occasionally perform line supply and palletizing tasks consistent with a Bottling Line Tech 1.
  • May also include work in the Warehouse Distribution Center as needed to fulfill special projects.
  • Actively promote a positive atmosphere and culture of excellence through leadership, teamwork, job knowledge, work ethic and flexibility.
  • Adheres to all safety policies and procedures, including but not limited to, timely and accurate reporting of all work-related injuries and illnesses to the supervisor, promoting safety awareness to co-workers, advising the supervisor of any unsafe acts and conditions and wearing required personal protective equipment.  Includes participating in departmental and companywide safety programs.
  • Identifies and develops improvement opportunities. Supports continuous improvement opportunities and initiatives.
  • Comply with sustainability policies and practices by supporting programs for conservation, energy efficiency, and recycling.
  • Under the direction of the Cellar Manager or Supervisor, must be able to perform all duties of Cellar Seasonal position during harvest period and beyond (usually August through October).
  • Maintain a clean and organized working environment, including cleanup of the bottling area and warehouse, and actively participates in 5S program. Additional duties and responsibilities as assigned.



Supervisory Responsibilities:



Job Requirements: (Please indicate the minimum required.)


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Ability to follow all department safety, area sanitation and production procedures.
  • Able to perform quality work efficiently, with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to clean assigned equipment to meet requirements
  • Adhere to all department policies and written procedures for optimum department function.
  • Ability to work in a team environment and communicate effectively.
  • Must be self-motivated, with a positive attitude.
  • Able to document work, read, understand and follow written and verbal instructions in English and perform basic math.
  • Willingness to work flexible shifts and schedules.


Education/ Experience:

  • Minimum of 1-year applicable experience, with proven knowledge of materials movement.
  • Work experiences a plus.
  • Forklift Certified




Physical Demands:








10 lbs or Less




11 – 20 lbs




21 – 50 lbs


Reaching Outward


51 – 100 lbs


Reaching Above Shoulder


Over 100 lbs








12 lbs or Less


Squat or Kneel


13 – 25 lbs




26 – 40 lbs


Working at the computer


41 – 100 lbs



N (Not Applicable)

Activity is not applicable to this occupation.

O (Occasionally)

Occupation requires this activity up to 33% of the time (0-2.5+hrs/day)

F (Frequently)

Occupation requires this activity from 33% - 66% of the time (2.5-5.5+ hrs/day)


Occupation requires this activity more than 66% of the time (5.5+ hrs/day)

Other Physical Requirements

Vision Inspection (Near, Distant) Able to judge distance for pallet placement 15’- 20’ high.

Sense of Sound (i.e. Machinery / Tractor sounds)

Sense of Touch:  Side shifting forklift

Ability to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (Safety glasses, and earplugs when necessary)


  • Able to sit/stand for a minimum of 9 hours per day. 
  • Able to visually concentrate on rapidly moving bottles at rates of 20-200+ bpm up to 9 hours per day.
  • Able to frequently stretch, reach, bend and pivot in order to perform this task. Able to empty cases of glass and dump on moving conveyor at a weight of 18 – 21 lbs. per box at a rate of 650 cases per hour for up to 30-minute intervals.
  • Able to frequently lift, squat, bend, stretch, and pivot in order to performing this task.
  • Able to lift, carry and stack cases up to 50 lbs, while maintaining the production flow for up to 30- minute intervals.
  • Able to climb ladders and use stairs.
  • Able to frequently lift, squat, bend, and pivot for up to 2.5-hours intervals to perform job functions.
  • Able to sweep/mop floor with a broom/mop and bend and sweep/squeeze debris into dustpan or bucket.
  • Able to work flexible shifts and schedules, including overtime.
  • Able to use proper safety equipment and follow all safety procedures


Work Environment:

Loud production environment, wet floors, and broken glass


Other: (Includes licenses, certificates, age, etc.)


The above information is representative of the work performed in this position, however it is not all-inclusive.  The omission of a specific duty or responsibility does not exclude it from the position if the work is similar or related to the essential duties and responsibilities.


Posted: May 07, 2021


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