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Harvest Intern/Harvest Cellar Tech

Location: Geyserville, California
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Teamwork and Attitude
• Ability to work in harmony with others
• Demonstrate independence and initiative in work
• Demonstrate dependability
• Display a positive attitude and have good interpersonal skills

Wine and barrel work
• Move or rack wine from tank to tank
• Use a variety of pumps such as centrifugals, air pumps, piston pumps
• Know the capacity and locations of all tanks, measure tanks accurately
• Correctly mark tanks with lot information and understand the lot identification system
• Perform tank top maintenance and inspections
• Prepare yeast and other materials for fermenter additions, perform pumpovers on red fermenters
• Calculate and make additions such as SO2, tartaric acid, PVPP, Liquigel, copper sulfate, and CO2
• Calibrate and use the oxygen meter correctly
• Fill and empty barrels, make SO2 additions to barrels and top with wine
• Fill in on the bottling line on occasion for non-operator positions

Sanitation, wine movement set up, workplace maintenance
• Prepare tanks for wine moves as specified by the work order or supervisor
• Clean, sanitize and rinse tanks, fittings, hoses and pumps
• Understand the principles and standards of sanitation
• Understand the purpose and use of the chemicals used in the cleaning process
Completion of work orders
• Understands how written work orders relate to actual wine movements
• Records before and after tank measurements accurately and coverts measurements to gallons
• Able to perform inventory tasks on tanks, barrels or dry goods

Job Requirements: 
Education/Experience: High school degree, ability to perform simple math calculations
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Basic knowledge of grape and wine production process is helpful, previous winery harvest experience helpful, ability to work as a team member essential. Able to read and write in English.
Physical Demands:
N (Not Applicable)-Activity is not applicable to this occupation.
O (Occasionally)-Occupation requires this activity up to 33% of the time (0-2.5+hrs/day)
F (Frequently)-Occupation requires this activity from 33% - 66% of the time (2.5-5.5+ hrs/day)
C(Constantly)-Occupation requires this activity more than 66% of the time (5.5+ hrs/day)

Stand-C , Walk-C, Sit-O, Handling/Fingering-F, Reaching Outward-F, Reaching Above Shoulder-O, Climb-O, Crawl-O , Squat or Kneel-O , Bend-O, Working at the computer-N

10 lbs or Less-F
11 – 20 lbs-F
21 – 50 lbs-F
51 – 100 lbs-O
Over 100 lbs-N
12 lbs or Less-F
13 – 25 lbs-F
26 – 40 lbs-F
41 – 100 lbs-O

Other Physical Requirements
Vision (Near, Distance)
Sense of Sound (i.e. Machinery/tractor sounds)
Sense of Touch
Ability to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (Steel toe boots, safety glasses)

Work Environment:
Cellar positions may be required to work on any shift (day, swing, or graveyard) for given periods of time. The work in this position occurs in an environment that can be wet or dry, cold or warm, indoors or outdoors. Cellar positions may fill in on occasion on the bottling line, which is a noisy environment.

Valid driver’s license is needed to be able to drive company vehicles off of the property
Posted: October 07, 2019

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