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Machiavelli Card Game

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The Coppolas' Favorite Game

Play a few games and you'll be hooked too

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Nicolo Machiavelli lived from 1469 to 1527. He was an Italian statesman and philosopher who is best known for writing The Prince which contains his theory of government and his master plan for seizing and holding power.

"Machiavelli is the apt name for a card game we learned from a guest during a family vacation at our lodge in Belize. We rushed back from excursions to Mayan ruins and exotic jungle canoe trips as quickly as we could to play this seductive game. Our return flight brought us back to Miami where part of the family would fly to Los Angeles and part to San Francisco. We continued a passionate tournament playing on the floor of the airport terminal. I remember suddenly looking up and seeing the door to the L.A. flight closing and our nephew Christopher running with cards in hand to beg the attendant to hold it open. We hope you have as much fun playing Machiavelli as we do!"  —The Coppola Family

Our addictive Machiavelli set includes two decks of cards and instructions packaged in a wooden gift box. 

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