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Mammarella Grapeseed Oils

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Perfect for frying and sautèing

Pressed from the seeds of grapes

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Over the years, the focus of Mammarella Foods has been on producing the highest quality, truly authentic pasta and organic pasta sauces. Now, in keeping with the Italian spirit in the kitchen inspired by Francis's Neapolitan heritage, we have developed an array of infused grapeseed oils and vinaigrettes.

Grapeseed oil is an ecologically stable product, made from the seeds of grapes after wine is pressed using existing farmland and no additional water resources. Grapeseed oils come in the following:

Garlic: Infused with 100% grapeseed oil (***Garlic sold Out***)

Basil:  Infused with 100% grapeseed oil

Size: 12.7 oz. (375 ml)

Sold individually

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