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Mammarella Pastas

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Hearty pasta with various shapes

Made using unique bronze molds

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"I love the old pasta shapes, made based on the original bronze molds. This was before the days of Teflon coating, so the texture is rugged and holds on to the sauce."  —Francis Coppola

Enjoy at home these hearty pastas made using unique bronze molds.  Choose one or choose them all:

Bumbola Pasta:  One of our organic cuts, is a hearty pasta formed in a bumblebee shape. Bumbola, along with the other five cuts, is based on using antique bronze molds and dried on wooden racks as they were over 100 years ago. This age-old process gives the pasta its delightful tooth, or mouthfeel.

Quadrefiore Pasta:  Quadrefiore is a dense, meaty pasta that really captures the sauce. It is shaped like a square flower. Be careful not to undercook; usually 15-18 minutes.

Rosette Pasta:  Rosette pasta is shaped like a rose on one side and a wagon wheel on the other. Be careful not to undercook; usually 10-12 minutes.

Gemelli Pasta (***Currently sold out***): Gemelli pasta gets its name from the constellation (the Twins); it is like two thick-walled pastas twisted together. Be careful not to undercook; usually 15-18 minutes.

Ingredients of each pasta box: Organic Durum Semolina and water

Net weight of each pasta box: 12oz.

Sold individually

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