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Domaine de Broglie Chardonnay 2018

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Bright and strong characteristics of citrus

Notes of peach, kumquat, and ginger

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Domaine de Broglie 2018 Chardonnay Dundee Hills

From the time he was a child, Francis Coppola had such a keen interest in engineering and technology, that his family nicknamed him ‘Science.’ Over the years, Francis has paid tribute to a number of scientific achievements by naming a wine or spirit after some of history’s greatest minds. With the Family Coppola’s new property in Oregon, Francis wanted to endow the estate with a name that honors the scientific accomplishments of Maison de Broglie, a noble house of France whose contributions to physics and quantum theory resulted in a Nobel Prize for Louis de Broglie, a man who began his career developing radio technology from his post on the Eiffel Tower.


Dundee Hills is a single continuous landmass that rises roughly 800 feet above the valley floor, essentially making the region its own vinicultural island. The coastal mountain range protects the hills from heavy precipitation and windstorms, giving the region the added benefit of moderate rain and less frigid nighttime temperatures to protect against
frost and fog. The appellation has become famous for producing some of the world’s finest Pinot Noir but contributes to extraordinary expressions of Chardonnay as well.


After a string of warm vintages, the 2018 growing season experienced hot daytime temperatures that were tempered by chilly evenings and spats of precipitation in the fall. This swing helped balance the fruit’s ripeness and texture with crisp natural acidity that is crucial for this varietal. Our Chardonnay was the last fruit picked at the estate this vintage, having been harvested in October. The grapes were pressed whole cluster and fermented in barrel on their lees for approximately 4 months. 30% of the barrels were new wood and exclusively French oak. Less than 250 cases were produced.


This is the first Chardonnay produced from a vineyard that was grafted from Pinot Gris in February of 2017. Bright, with strong characteristics of citrus, lemon zest is prominent on the nose as are notes of peach, kumquat, and ginger. There is a fair amount of minerality with nuances of flint. Barrel fermentation and secondary malolactic fermentation lend creaminess. Subtle wood impressions on the finish.

Appellation: Dundee Hills, Willamette Valley

Blend: 100% Chardonnay

Barrel Regimen: 8 months French oak

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