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Director's Cut Alexander Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2017

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Luscious floral notes and tropical fruits

Offers elegance and great flavor complexity

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“Winemaking and filmmaking are two great art forms that are very important in the development of California. They both start with raw ingredients—in the case of wine, the land and the grapes, and in the case of film, the script and the actors's performances. The winemaker takes these raw materials and ferments and blends. He says yes to one batch, no to another. The director does the same thing: a series of yeses and nos, from casting and costuming to edits and sound mixes. In both cases, you have to start with top notch raw materials—whether it’s the land or a script.” - Francis Ford Coppola


In the film business, the “Director’s Cut” emerged as a means for filmmakers to present their own creative vision of a story. At the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Director’s Cut wines were created as a way for wine “director” Corey Beck to craft wines that would reflect his own unique interpretation of the quintessential Sonoma wine. Corey’s vision for Director’s Cut embraces appellation-specific sourcing, meticulous fruit selection, and numerous blending trials so that our wines capture the distinct nuances of Sonoma’s microclimates in a highly refined style well suited to fine cuisine and premium wine lists.


Stretching 22 miles in length, part of what makes Alexander Valley such an intriguing appellation is the variety of soil compositions found here. On the eastern hillsides one finds red volcanic soil, while the western hillsides are comprised of rocky clay loam. The valley floor is made up of alluvial gravel fans with patches of volcanic ash and sedimentary solids peppering the terrain. This incredible diversity allows a range of varietals to grow in Alexander Valley, including Sauvignon Blanc, which we source from vineyards just east of the winery.


As with the year prior, we saw an early season. After winter’s much-needed precipitation, mild spring temperatures were followed by consistent warmth during the summer. Because this vintage featured lower yields, the fruit was more highly concentrated. Also beneficial was short stints of cold weather in September, which let us harvest lots slowly with breaks in between ripening. When we have the luxury to move slowly, we can pamper the fruit even more and pick with exacting measure. As such, the grapes from this harvest were extremely fragrant and high quality, captured in full by fermenting and finishing in stainless steel.


Our Director’s Cut Sauvignon Blanc exudes luscious tropical fruits and floral notes reminiscent of honeysuckle. Guava, pineapple, kumquats and minerals present on the nose, flowing through onto the palate with added impressions of lemongrass and spice. Endowed with good body and texture, this vintage offers elegance and great flavor complexity

Varietal: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Alcohol: 13.5%

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