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Rosso & Bianco Four Pack

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Rosso & Bianco Collection

Four classics for everyday enjoyment

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"My family has always made wine. To hear it from my father, Carmine, these were not fancy wines. They were everyday wines; wines that were on the dinner table each night. Our Rosso & Bianco wines are made in the same spirit - wine for everyday life." —Francis Coppola

Enjoy a four-pack of wines that capture this comfort of home. The set includes each of the following wines:

Rosso & Bianco Rosso - (1 bottle) Rich, juicy layers of crushed wild berries, sweet spices, and a hint of dark chocolate. Its smooth tannins make it incredibly food-friendly, so it’s easy to pair with anything from barbecued lamb chops, to burgers and lasagne.

Rosso & Bianco Shiraz - (1 bottle) Luscious flavors of juicy wild berries, a rich perfume of spices and soft, supple tannins. Well-balanced and extremely food-friendly, our Shiraz is the perfect accompaniment to a fig and prosciutto pizza, pulled pork sandwiches, or spicy mashed sweet potatoes.

Rosso & Bianco Chardonnay - (1 bottle) Light, crisp, exotic tropical citrus flavors and a smooth, delicate finish. Because our Chardonnay is unoaked, you get lovely layers of pure, bright fruit and a silky texture that makes it extremely versatile with a variety of cuisines. Plus, it’s bottled with the convenience of a screw cap, to make serving even easier.

Rosso & Bianco Pinot Grigio - (1 bottle) A crisp, refreshing white wine that’s appropriate for just about any occasion. Invite friends over and serve it with appetizers, pair it with light lunch fare, enjoy it at dinnertime with seafood or simply pour yourself a glass to sip on a warm afternoon.

*We kindly reserve the right to send you the next vintage of any of these wines should the vintage sell out at the time your order is received.

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