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Director's Cut Zinfandel 2015

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Award winner

Flavors of rich and delicious desserts

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Winemaking and filmmaking are two great art forms that are very important in the development of California. They both start with raw ingredients—in the case of wine, the land and the grapes, and in the case of film, the script and the actors’ performances. The winemaker takes these raw materials and ferments and blends. He says yes to one batch, no to another. The director does the same thing: a series of yeses and nos, from casting and costuming to edits and sound mixes. In both cases you have to start with top notch raw materials—whether it’s the land or a script.”— Francis Ford Coppola


In the film business, the “Director’s Cut” emerged as a means for filmmakers to present their own creative vision of a story. At the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Director’s Cut wines were created as a way for wine “director” Corey Beck to craft wines that would reflect his own unique interpretation of the quintessential Sonoma wine. Corey’s vision for Director’s Cut embraces appellation-specific sourcing, meticulous fruit selection, and numerous blending trials so that our wines capture the distinct nuances of Sonoma’s microclimates in a highly refined style well suited to fine cuisine and premium wine lists.

2015 Director’s Cut Zinfandel

Director’s Cut wines embrace appellation specific sourcing, meticulous fruit selection, and numerous blending trials so that they capture the distinct nuances of Sonoma’s microclimates.


For years we’ve been adding small amounts of Petite Sirah to our Director’s Cut Zinfandel to increase the weight and tannin structure of the wine. We also age our Zinfandel in a combination of French and American oak to enhance the varietal’s intrinsic spice notes.


There are two techniques for growing Zinfandel in Dry Creek Valley. One consists of traditional farming practices to produce low yields. The other method utilizes bilateral cordon spur pruning, on-wire trellising, drop irrigation, and carefully manicured canopies. We source our Zinfandel grapes from vineyards that are farmed both ways, with the combination producing wine that’s multi-dimensional.

With its unique wraparound label designed after a Zoetrope strip, one of the earliest moving picture devices, each Director’s Cut label is a replica of a strip from Francis’s personal Zoetrope collection.

Aromas: Briary wild berries and earthy forest notes of leather, moss, and oak.

Flavors: Black plums, anise, pie crust, and flavors reminiscent of Mexican hot chocolate.

Blend: 89% Zinfandel, 11% Petite Sirah

Barrel Regimen: 16 months in French & American oak; 25% new oak

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