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Director's Chardonnay

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Local favorite award winner

Lively aromas of ginger and citrus 

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When the Coppola family opened the doors to its wine and food destination in Sonoma County, California, the winemaking team was asked to create a series of wines that would reflect its own artistic interpretation of Sonoma County. Our Director’s family of wines harness this vision with two distinct tiers: Director’s and Director’s Cut. Director’s is comprised of four classic varietals, which are grown in diverse vineyards across the entire expanse of Sonoma County. By blending the fruit from a variety of geographic climates, we’re able to create wines that offer lush, ripe fruit flavors, a light silky texture, and soft, supple tannins—elegant wines designed for immediate enjoyment, which demonstrate Sonoma County’s unique character and style.


As temperatures fluctuated in the fall, we had the luxury of picking small areas at a time. Between our ability to be choosy and the extra hang time the grapes spent on the vines, we ended up with an exquisite harvest of rich, flavorful fruit. There are aromas of tangerine, lemon, and ginger, along with flavors of juicy peaches and pineapple.

“Sonoma County is one of only a few appellations in the world that offers a diverse range of climates where both cool climate varietals such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and warm weather varietals like Cabernet and Merlot can thrive.” – Corey Beck, Director of Winemaking


Hailing from vineyards in Alexander Valley, Sonoma Coast, and Russian River Valley, this year’s wine is particularly well-balanced and elegant.


There are aromas of luscious tangerine, zestful lemon, and warm ginger. Mouthwatering, succulent pineapple and juicy, delicious peach flavors make this wine perfect while sunbathing in a hammock or nestled next to a warm fire.

Blend: 100% Chardonnay

Barrel Regimen: 8 months in French oak; 44% new barrels

*We kindly reserve the right to send you the next vintage of this wine should this particular vintage sell out at the time your order is received.

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