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Manteo 2015

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Various awards from premier wine competitions

Lush flavors of fruit with earthy spices

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Virginia Dare Winery celebrates the myths, people, places, and history that have shaped American winemaking. We find the best the land has to offer and nurture the quality and character of our fruit from vineyard to bottle.


MANTEO takes its name from a legendary Native American leader who played an important role in the Virginia Dare story. In 1587, one of the first English colonies sought help from the Croatoan people, whose territory encompassed the outer banks of North Carolina. Manteo, one of their tribal chiefs, swore to protect the first child of English parentage born in the new world, a girl named Virginia Dare. Many mysteries surround this girl and the lost colony into which she was born. It was supposedly she who, as a woman, inspired the legend of The White Doe, which tells the story of how wine grapes in America turned red.


It’s rare and quite fortuitous to have four outstanding vintages in a row. As with the year prior, the 2015 growing season both started and ended earlier than normal because of a mild spring and little precipitation. Steady, warm temperatures throughout summer produced ideal ripening conditions. When harvest began at the end of August, the resulting fruit showed excellent concentration and fragrance as well as good balance.


MANTEO is a red blend that draws upon the contrast of four varietals. Syrah from Dry Creek Valley lends a freshly picked fruit quality along with earth and spice notes; Petite Sirah from the same region brings weight, density, and rich opaque color; and Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot give the blend a foundation of tannin and structure. This robust wine is aged in both French and American oak in order to capture the wine’s complex tones.


We’re discerning about the fruit that goes into this blend, looking for selections that are expressive and exhibit weight and dimension. Our 2015 MANTEO boasts lush flavors of black currants, wild berries, and plum. Earthy spices and wood nuances found on the nose carry through on the palate, creating a warm fragrant character for the fruit. With firm tannins that support the density of the fruit and a finish that is rich and lengthy, our MANTEO wine captures the regal character of the man for which it’s named.

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