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The Lost Colony 2015

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Mouthfeel is dense and lush

Loaded with ripe, succulent flavors

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The Lost Colony 2015 Red Blend 

The hope of a new world. A struggling settlement. The clash of two civilizations. He took to the oceans again to save them, but when he returned, they had vanished. Traces of a bloody battle. One cryptic clue. A signal from a desperate mother of her infant child's fate. Where had she gone? Had all been lost? 


Virginia Dare Winery celebrates the myths, people, places, and history that have shaped American winemaking. In the heart of California wine country, we make American wine the way it’s always been made: by taking the best the land has to give us and nurturing the quality and character of our fruit from vineyard to bottle. 


The Lost Colony is inspired by one of the great mysteries in American history, a disappearance that set the stage for the origin story of American wine. In 1587, Governor John White and 118 English colonists landed on Roanoke Island (now part of North Carolina), and set about establishing a permanent colony. A month later, White’s daughter gave birth to a baby girl. She was christened Virginia Dare, the first child of English parentage born in the New World. But times were hard for her struggling colony. Governor White made a trip back to England, vowing to return promptly with aid, but he was delayed for three years by England’s war with Spain. When he finally returned, there was nobody there—the colony was lost without a trace. What had happened? Where there any survivors? To this day, The Lost Colony remains a mystery. Nobody really knows what transpired, but it was rumored that a fair-haired baby girl was sometimes seen playing among the children of the Croatoan people. Was she Virginia Dare? 


Due to the long, narrow shape of the appellation, the southern part of the valley is the first area to receive fog from the coast, making it cooler than the north, which does not experience marine influences or cooler temperatures until evening. Throughout the season, the temperature gradient continues with onshore and offshore flows occurring to create warm days and cool nights, which are ideal conditions for Bordeaux varietals. Soil diversity also plays a major role in shaping the flavor profile of the varietals in this blend. By sourcing from several diverse sites, we are able to craft a highly complex wine.



The 2015 vintage was one for the record books. Harvest unfolded weeks earlier than normal with red grapes being picked in early September when typically, they harvest well into October. Warm, consistent temperatures throughout the growing season coupled with little rain allowed the fruit to ripen faster than usual and develop intensely fragrant fruit with tremendous concentration. 


Expressive and complex, this rich powerful wine is loaded with ripe, succulent flavors of black raspberries, plums, and cassis. Fragrant notes of spiced cocoa, tobacco, cedar, and flint create an exotic bouquet that keeps evolving until lavender notes peek through as well. The mouthfeel is dense and lush, tannins are well integrated, and the finish is luxuriously long and appealing. 

Appellation: Alexander Valley

Blend: 55% Petit Verdot, 27% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Malbec

Barrel Regimen: 30 months in oak; 60% American oak, 40% French oak

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