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Director's Merlot

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Winner of prestigious award

Expressive on the palate and long on the finish

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When the Coppola family opened the doors to their wine and food destination in Sonoma County, California they wanted to create a series of wines that harness the uniqueness of Sonoma County. The Director’s family of wines is our winemaking team’s artistic interpretation of that vision.

Director’s is comprised of four classic varietals, which are grown in diverse vineyards across the expanse of Sonoma County. By blending the fruit from a variety of geographic climates we’re able to create wines that offer lush, ripe fruit flavors, a light silky texture and soft, supple tannins— elegant wines that demonstrate Sonoma County’s unique character and style, and are designed for immediate enjoyment.


2014 saw one of the earliest harvests in recent years. Early budbreak brought on by mild winter temperatures was followed by an uncharacteristically warm spring. Continued summer heat resulted in early ripening, with white grapes ready for harvest in August, followed by red varietals reaching maturity shortly thereafter. Our Merlot selections derived great concentration over their growth period and we were careful to pick at the right moment so they retained solid character without becoming overly ripe.


Merlot is an adaptive varietal that thrives in many different climates. Our Director’s Merlot is made primarily from Clones 3 & 9, sourced from vineyards just at the edge of the fog line. Both of these clones offer intense fruit flavors, which is why we are fond of using them. Clone 3 grapes contribute traditional plum flavors and lushness while Clone 9 is dense, deeply colored and more tannic. When we blend these Merlot selections together we create a perfectly balanced wine, expressive on the palate and long on the finish.


Our 2014 Director’s Merlot offers lushness and a round, full palate. Its fragrance demonstrates red and black fruit with hints of anise and spiced wood. Juicy upon entry, the wine broadens and becomes velvety on the palate with flavors of plum, loganberry and black cherry accentuated by subtle spice notes of espresso bean and toasted vanilla. Medium tannins support the body of this wine, offering sophistication in its finish. Pairs nicely with brisket, grilled pork chops and linguine with pesto.

*We kindly reserve the right to send you the next vintage of this wine should this particular vintage sell out at the time your order is received.

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