Mammarella Pasta Sauces

Organic tomatoes and seasonings. Perfect for your night in cooking.

From $7.99

Mammarella Pastas

Hearty pasta with various shapes. Made using unique bronze molds.

From $6.99

Mammarella Gift Box

The box makes it charming. The handle makes is practical. The contents make it delicious. Dinner in a box

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Francis Ford Coppola Presents Mammarella Hot Sauce: Fierce Burning

"The first time I visited Belize, at dinner, my hosts proudly showed me a dish of habanero peppers, which they said were the hottest in the world. To their amazement, I took a whole pepper and threw it into my mouth

Retail $4.50

coppola favorite
Mammarella Basil Grapeseed Oil

100% grapeseed oil infused with basil. Over the years, the focus of Mammarella Foods has been on producing the highest quality, truly authentic pasta and organic pasta sauces.

Retail $12.99

Mammarella Garlic Grapeseed Oil

100% grapeseed oil infused with garlic. In keeping with the Italian spirit in the kitchen inspired by Francis's Neapolitan heritage, we have developed an array of infused grapeseed oils.

Retail $12.99

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Mammarella Crushed Red Pepper

"My father Carmine always required that the crushed red pepper was on the table, along with the salt and pepper

Retail $8.99

Shipping Included for 1 Year for Just $69

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