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Domaine de Broglie Rosé

Taste Profile

With The Family Coppola’s property in Oregon, Francis wanted to endow the estate with a name that honored the scientific accomplishments of Maison de Broglie, a noble house of France, whose contributions to physics and quantum theory resulted in a Nobel Prize for Louis de Broglie, a man whose scientific achievements coincided with those of Albert Einstein.

Bright and floral on the nose, whiff of perfume. Crisp and bright palate, lots of citrus notes, but balanced acidity.  Very clean and refreshing.  This wine is dry but still shows some sweet fruit character.  Very light soft orange color—there is just a trace of tannic grip here in the finish

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Wine Notes

2019 was a very hot and dry season with fantastic weather during harvest. Normally, this would cause us to expect overripe fruit, but we were fortunate that this did not happen. The grapes developed sugar slowly and steadily and remained balanced. We were able to hang well into September for color and skin development. Great weather meant no concerns about rot or botrytis or rain damage at all. This was an ideal vintage, at least at Domaine de Broglie’s high elevation.

Domaine de Broglie is located in the Dundee Hills, a single continuous landmass in the northern part of the Willamette Valley that rises roughly 800 feet above the valley floor, essentially making the region its own vinicultural island. The coastal mountain range protects the hills from heavy precipitation and windstorms, giving the region the added benefit of moderate rain and less frigid nighttime temperatures to protect against frost and fog. Unlike other Willamette Valley appellations that have numerous types of sedimentary soils from glacial floods, wind carried soils from the valley floor, and a mix of old and new volcanic material. The Dundee Hills features Jory soils, a rich red clay formed by ancient volcanic basalt. Pinot Noir grown in Dundee Hills therefore exhibits texture and weight, as well as earth, floral, and mineral attributes. Pinot Noir was first planted here in 1965, and a mere twenty years later it was considered one of the premier Pinot Noir regions in the world. Domaine de Broglie resides less than one mile from where the first Pinot Noir vines were planted in the Dundee Hills, and today the area is considered as the point of origin for some of Oregon’s most acclaimed Pinot Noir vineyards.

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