The Lost Colony White Blend

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Bartlett Pear
Sweet Lemon Honeysuckle

The resurrection of the Virginia Dare brand began in 2014 in Sonoma County with the release of multiple wines that in turn reveal a different aspect of the Virginia Dare legend

The resurrection of the Virginia Dare brand began in 2014 in Sonoma County with the release of multiple wines that in turn reveal a different aspect of the Virginia Dare legend.

The Lost Colony is inspired by one of the great mysteries in American history, a disappearance that set the stage for the origin story of American wine. In 1587, Governor John White and 118 English colonists landed on Roanoke Island (now part of North Carolina), and set about establishing a permanent colony. A month later, White’s daughter gave birth to a baby girl. She was christened Virginia Dare, the first child of English parentage born in the New World. But times were hard for her struggling colony. Governor White made a trip back to England, vowing to return promptly with aid, but he was delayed for three years by England’s war with Spain. When he finally returned, there was nobody there—the colony was lost without a trace. What had happened? Were there any survivors? To this day, The Lost Colony remains a mystery. Nobody really knows what transpired, but it was rumored that a fair-haired baby girl was sometimes seen playing among the children of the Croatoan people. Was she Virginia Dare?

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Wine Notes

Styled after white Bordeaux, we use partial barrel fermentation on the fruit to develop a subtle richness in the wine. Spending just a little time on lees in aged and neutral barrels creates a softer, creamier palate, giving the wine a distinctly different texture and flavor profile than those produced in stainless steel. The small addition of Semillon further softens the crisp, acidic edge of Sauvignon Blanc, helping coax out stone fruit flavors and mineral nuances.

Our debut vintage of The Lost Colony White Blend offers a beautiful, fresh fragrance of tropical fruit, white grapes and honeysuckle. Its silky texture presents a framework of citrus fruits with flavors of sweet lemon, Bartlett pear, and white nectarine flowing on the palate and finishing with a clean wisp of minerals.

Stretching 22 miles in length, part of what makes Alexander Valley an intriguing appellation is the variety of soil compositions found here. Eastern hillsides feature red volcanic soil while the western hillsides are comprised of rocky clay loam. The valley floor is made up of alluvial gravel fans with patches of volcanic ash and sedimentary solids peppering the terrain. This incredible diversity allows a range of varietals to grow in Alexander Valley, including Sauvignon Blanc, which is sourced from vineyards just east of the winery.

2016 was a traditional vintage in terms of weather. A cold, rainy winter prepared the vines for good yields and helped prolong the season, giving the vines extra hangtime to accumulate flavor and phenolic development. Harvest unfolded at a slower pace, allowing the winemaking team to devote more attention to each batch of fruit. This resulted in very high quality fruit with excellent concentration.

Enjoy the Scents and Flavors
Tropical Fruit
Sweet Lemon
Bartlett Pear


Sauvignon Blanc






Sauvignon Blanc







Barrel Regimen

25% barrel fermented in 2-year old French oak

Alexander Valley

Pairs Well With

Raw Oysters

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